Muck diving on Pom Pom

The diving has been fun.  I can see why people travel across the world to go muck diving in Mabul or Kapali.  Personally I think Sipadan is overrated, watching out into the clear blue water for something that might be there on the deep reefs of pom pom is really exciting.
These banded pipe fish are some of my favorites,  They are always together and always in the same place.

The pom pom Volunteer project has offered me a lot I shall be sorry to leave.
Rebecca pom pom project volunteer sept 2011


Surveying the reefs

One of the first tasks of the volunteers is to create a map of the island so we know what is where.

Underwater surveying is fun

Turtles galore

The pom pom volunteer project run by TRACC is about seeing turtles.  They are - after all - why we are here.

But there are so many and they just hang around.  Our records so far are 21 on 1 dive and 8 on a snorkell. 

Turtles nesting

Do our turtles move between here and Sipadan - it is only 50km - we will be tagging the turtles to see if the populations are different or mixing.

Eagle ray point

The deep wall reef on Pom Pom is called lobster wall and its easy to see why.  Lots of lobsters hidden in caves with just their antennae sticking out.  However if you turn your back to the wall and drift with the current there are larger things out there.

Check out the eagle ray that we saw.  Wow!
The island has potential to be part of the Borneo Shark sanctuary

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We are volunteering on Pom Pom island near Sipadan to replant a coral reef, protect the turtles, rays & sharks.
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