Marine science lesson at Santubong Nature Festival

Santubong mountain with its pristine rain forest
was the backdrop to our beach surveys.
TRACC was invited to the Santubong Nature Festival to help celebrate the great biodiversity and scenery.  Bec and Steve flew down to Kuching and stayed at the really nice Permai resort whcih has tree houses built at the level of the canopy.  There was lots of great terrestrial life seen and our task was to compete with the amazing snakes and insects.  There are quite a few dolphins in the bay and these can be seen regularly.

We took more than 30 people on a beach walk and looked at Sandy shore environments.  Ghost crabs, hermits, sand dollars and worms were all found.  We tried to explain about zonation and we created beach profiles with a simple survey teachnique to show that different species are common at differnet levels of the beach.