This poor thing fell off a tree one day. I think he was lucky as Lily saw him and picked him up before any of the cats or dogs around the camp found him first. We kept him in a cage while waiting for his wings to get stronger, pampering him with fish, chicken meat and sometimes worms.
It was not decided about when we should release the baby owl until he tried to escape. We brought him to No.4 (Our dining/gathering area) that day, and helped him to practice flying as usual. He flew from one table to the next and we were all happy to see his progress. It was then he jumped off the table, flew into a nearby tree and stopped on a branch 2 meters high from the ground.
It took us some time before we could put the baby owl back into his cage. Gon thought he was almost ready to go back to the wild and join his family. It was released 2 days later during midnight when the dogs were asleep.

P.S.: The owl has grown a lot since. He visited us one night, stopped right above Gon’s tent, high up on a tree. Hope to see him again in the future ^^