Turtle Nesting on Pom Pom

My first evening on Pom Pom and I spot 10 sea turtles in a 30 minute snorkel session...

Turtle heads back to sea maybe to return for another nesting in a few weeks
My second evening on Pom Pom and we witness the first turtle nesting of the peak season!

Up on the beach at around 20:00, it was an ideal night for it. The moon wasn't up yet and the heavy clouds blocked out what little light there was, making a great dark night for nesting.

Eggs safely collected after laying ready for incubation in the hatchery

This female was particularly speedy and took only 40 minutes before she headed back to sea. She's likely to return at least another two times to lay more eggs before she heads back to her feeding grounds. The eggs were collected and brought to the hatchery, protecting them from poaching. They should be hatched and ready to release in about 2 months.

A great sign for the start of the peak nesting season - we expect many more nestings as the weeks go on. What a start to my time on Pom Pom with TRACC.


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