Baki, Lark, Liam & Paul on Pom Pom
A simple request for some dive gear and a dive buddy may result in TRACC on TV!

Baki and the ATV crew came to Eastern Borneo to film the Bajau spear fishermen of the neighboring Island of Kalapuan, but stayed to film the work we do at TRACC. After borrowing some gear, Palten as dive buddy, and Liam as an extra hand for filming, and seeing what TRACC does, they decided to spend a day with us filming the work TRACC does with coral conservation and artificial reef.

At the end of the day after participating in coral planting and filming TRACC’s work, Baki left us with a few words….

“I’ve been to a lot of venues, I’ve been to Banggi, I’ve been to Tioman and they’ve done
The ATV Crew on Kalapuan
a lot of coral conservation, and I think this is the best effort I’ve seen. I’ve seen so much coral growing on the bottles. Because in the other places the percentage is what 10 – 20 percent of growth, but the reefs here are really growing. I think you guys are doing a really good job. Wow!”

Encouraging words for sure!

Thank you Baki and the channel 8 crew for spreading the word and work of TRACC!

The TV program, “Step Forward” featuring TRACC will air in October – check it out at www.tonton.com.my.


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Reef conservation would not be possible without generous financial support from
GEF /SGP for Malaysia who are helping our community activities and coralreefcare.com who generously provided materials to build the new reefs.

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