Turtle and Lobster artificial reefs

TRACC staff and volunteers have developed the technology to make some larger artificial reefs. These add to our arsenel of techniques to repair reefs damaged by blast fishing.   See a blasted reef here,

See our crate reefs, ribbon reef and bottle reefs here.   The new reefs make an immediate difference to the marine life and we hope the larger structures will attract larger fish species.

The turtle and lobster reefs are comparable to reefballs (a patented technology) but they are a lot simpler and cheaper to make by poor village commuities.

Links here
Turtle reef making - a fish life condominium,
Creating Lobster reefs - deep water apartments
Coral growth on bottle reefs

Part 1 A photo guide to Making a Turtle reef,

The basic turtle shape is covered with mesh for strength

The first layer of cement has moulds attached

The moulds will create holes and openings in the finished reef

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Reef conservation would not be possible without generous financial support from
GEF /SGP for Malaysia who are helping our community activities and coralreefcare.com who generously provided materials to build the new reefs.

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