Shark rescue project

Sabah is a diving mecca, one of the best places to dive in the world.  The reefs can be superb.  More coral and a wider range of biodiversity than anywhere else.  Nudibranchs, coral crabs and macrolife are all abundant - all the reefs from Pom Pom to Mabul and Kapali have great muck and macro.

What about the larger stuff - I am an older diver and I can't see the tiny.  I need big fish and sharks  :-) Sipadan has plenty to keep my interest but it is a tiny place.   Other reefs have almost nothing big and the reason is quite clear..  OVERFISHING.

The photo says it all.  all the baby sharks are being caught and eaten.  This is one market stall on 1 day.  More sharks than i have ever seen underwater!!

Our Shark rescue project will protect a shark population, and allow them to breed.
If  you care about sharks and reefs,  please promote our shark rescue project on Social media.

crowdrise.com/shark-rescue-and-release project.      Saving sharks on TRACC website
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