Creating igloo reefs - on land

under construction
Igloo reefs to attract shoals of fish
The team of Malaysians and international volunteers have been having fun over the past few weeks making igloo reefs for our SGP/GEF project near the Tip of Borneo (Simpang Mengayu). These are bottle reefs attached together by plastic pipe bent into an arch shape and then assembled into an igloo shape. The plastic pipe has a large number of holes drilled in it to make a suitable attachment point for coral fragments which will be fixed by cable ties. These igloo reefs are intended to act as very open shelters to schools of fish.
The igloos were assembled and labeled on land and then the various parts were taken apart to make for easy transport in the boat and underwater.

GEF/SGP with TRACC - Tropical Research And Conservation Center
— at Pom Pom Island

More info about learning to dive or volunteering to help save the ocean with TRACC in Malaysia - Turtle Snorkellers - Divers 

finished igloo with the retaining rings positioned
and drilled ready for cbl tie attchment underwater