Destruction of a reef

TRACC sometimes goes to Kapucan to do a hard coral collection.   There is no shortage of broken coral suitable for replanting,
Easy to collect coral fragments from a smashed reef

When I was here in 2012/2013 this area was beautiful, there were the occasional bomb craters but they were not common. Now although there are still nice areas it have been blasted to bits.

The only good thing is that the corals we rescued will live
and grow on a protected reef.
Wr dove with 50+ year old hard corals which would weigh 200kg+ out of the water laying broken and lifeless on the sea bed so 1 ignorant individual could make an easy days money, it's heart breaking when you see this going on, because there are people like this all over the world, e.g. cutting down thousands of acres of rainforest in South America and Borneo Indonesia. Destroying coral reefs in the South China Sea, shark finning in Indonesian waters that has decimated shark populations and it goes on.

Paul Fadden 26-aug 2016 

The reef before was beautiful with amazing corals.  Now there are still small undamaged reef patches but there are no fish.  the blast fishing kills even the tiny fish so even the good coral is barren and lifeless. 

compare most of the reef now - below with the undamaged patches -  right,

Our other visits to damaged reefs are equally Heartbreaking.

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