Sunday - Fun Day

There is a tradition at TRACC to down tools on Sundays and just find fun things to do. It's always a bit of a surprise waiting to see what the crew will think up to entertain us with on Sundays. This week was a double treat as the dive masters chose two separate islands to explore from the water.

 The crew know the surrounding areas really well so it doesn't take them long to find us some great places to dive.

We started our morning with a quick trip in the boat known as the "Green Turtle".
After a quick stop by at the police to let them know we were diving near by we headed to a dive wall of the coast of Kalapuan.  The tides a creating a bit of cloud at the moment but it adds to the mystique of the walls which disappear into the darkness below, leaving us to ponder what lays beneath looking up at our silhouettes as we pass by.

Cameron and Sonny exploring the wall at Kalapuan

After our first dive we have morning tea to freshen up and allow our nitrogen to balance out prior to the next dive.

Having morning tea on the Green Turtle between dives
Just to give ourselves a little longer out of the dive gear we headed over to Timba Timba to do some jetty jumping.

The crew lining up on the Timba Timba jetty for some quick dives. 

Our next dive was off the coast of Timba Timba where dive masters Sonny, Alessio and Adam managed to find us another wall to explore. 

Sonny, Cameron and Nathan exploring the reef at Timba Timba
Cameron after seeing a large groper swim by. 

Once back on Pom Pom Island there was still enough daylight for one final dive to my favourite dive site, a small wreck walking distance from the TRACC campsite. 

Although the current was very strong which stirred up a lot of sediment and made the dive difficult it was still great to see the fish hiding from the current in the wreck. 

Sweetlips and midnight snapper sheltering in the wreck

While Norma holds a rope against the current Katie uses her slate to ask if she is OK with the strong current

A turtle passes us by while we were on the wreck dive