Recipe for FAD’s

Unfortunately many people still dump garbage
in the sea, which then washes up on the beaches.
We recycle the plastic bottles.

Ingredients & tools
-          Plastic bottles
-          Rope
-          Scissors

Collect bags full of plastic bottles. Take off the caps and plastic label. Tie them up in bundles of 8, and attach a line to them of about a meter. 

-- That's it! Ever seen such an easy recipe? ;-)

The British Council was at Pom Pom; they collected
all these bottles in around 30 minutes. Thanks!

 Tying up the bottles in bundles.
Bottle-bundles ready to become FAD's!

After this it’s the divers job to find the FAD lines and attach the bottle-bundles. 
-- Which is a much bigger challenge, read about it here!

Are you up for the challenge? Come join us!

By Sylvia Looijestijn