Recycling plastic bottles - the TRACC way

Pom Pom has lots of pelagic fish but they pass by without stopping.  We saw some lovely schools of rainbow runners and spanish mackerel.  TRACC and the Celebes beach resort are trying to keep these pelagic fish here with a series of fish aggregating devices.
Nurul making a bottle bubble
So what do these high tech FAD's have to do with recycling.  We are making our FAD mostly from recycled materials.
Kathy & Nurul with the complete FAD
The FAO (Food & Agriculture organisation of the United Nations) diagram shows a really complex system but they work very well.  In the pacific, these are set adrift and they attract fish for the massive purse seines that supply you and I with tinned tuna.  These FAD's are so efficient that Greenpeace and others are trying to get open ocean FAO's prohibited.  We are using these FAD's as part of our protected area programme.

The FAD central rope is attached to a large rock on the seabed at 30-50 metres depth.  The top of the FAD is supposed to be at 5-10 metres but one of the first lines was a little long and actually reaches the surface at low tide.  To attract the fish and give some bulk and interest from the FAD we have added lots of plastic bottles.

So will this simple system work, Check back soon.
Bob tying on the bottles.