When you find that one place to call paradise, that one view which tops all others, and that one moment where you feel at peace and one with the world - Calling it beautiful, doesn't do it justice. We've overused the word. Just like the word 'stunning'... 'breath-taking' and 'special'. So I will try to, right now - do Pulau Pom Pom justice.

The Jetty at Pulau Pom Pom
The turquoise water laps the white fine sand religiously, and creates a serene anthem paired with the rustle of the inland palm trees and whistle of the wind. The prevailing wind is fresh and cool; and it brings hints of salt as to never let its visitors forget that they are just meters away from a shimering, glorious coastline.

The vast expanse of crystal water acts as a mirror of the sky - both are clear, and untouched by the modernisation that has crept into most crevices of the world. It's so rare to see a sight un-obstructed by the perpendicular and parallel lines, even the jetty, built to be strong, safe and stable is unlike its mechanical and symmetrical brothers in industrialized parts of the world. It's made from a pale driftwood known for it's natural kinks and so called 'imperfections', which to some eyes - make it perfect. The wood is smooth, and worn... it feels like it has a history. The whole island does.
A starfish just meters from the Jetty

Under the warm water, the mood is more playful. The bubbles from fluttering fins, vivid colours from the reef and the exquisite wildlife make the water the type of light hearted environment which couples perfectly with the peace and tranquillity that saturates the beach and resort.

I will be sad to leave this paradise, it's one of those humble sanctuaries which words simply cannot describe.

Laura Wood
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