Brunei Road Trip for marine science A level

Fresh catch straight from the boats
This week the TRACC Cambridge Marine Science A-level study team headed South from Tip of Borneo Camp to Kota Kinabalu to Brunei to get some first-hand experience of marine science, fish markets, human impacts and coastal protetion before our upcoming may 2015 exams.

We looked at Fish markets, saw so many species that we could not identify but we now know so much about functional groups and marine ecology that we looked at mouths, teeth body shape and tail shape to determine where each species fits into a food web and how it catches its prey.  We studied human impact vs. marine conservation and saw lots of issues.  In Brunei the amazing coastal erosion protection engineering was all on the agenda. Heading back to camp now to get on with some serious revision. Bring on the books.
Marine science is tiring work...

More info about volunteering with TRACC in Malaysia - Turtle Snorkellers - Divers

The Cambridge Marine science A level class 9693 starts mid January each year for exams in May/June
.  Email info@tracc-borneo.org to make a booking.

Impromptu coastal erosion and coastal succession lesson

Liz having the time of her life at the wheel 

...and Matteo found a stick. Happy days.