Island Life Part 2 - The Sights and Sounds of Life at TRACC

The coos and twitters of jungle birds and the rising sun have become my alarm clock. Opportunities to dive and explore, and a huge knowledge base await the day, and I wake filled with the excitement of living another day at TRACC.

Throughout the day the soundtrack of camp weaves a happy harmony. The mornings are filled with the soft sounds of morning rituals, people softly talking or moving about the kitchen and camp making coffee and breakfast, writing, reading, or listening to music, or simply waking up. In the day various lectures can be heard wafting from the classroom or projects being planned, interspersed with the whirl of the air compressor filling tanks and light construction on the new building. The evenings are often accented by gentle songs played on the guitar by one of the many members of camp, or the sound of Takraw being played, or camp members drinking an evening beer to sit and tell stories or talk about the days behind and ahead. Throughout the day there is a constant happy chattering in English and Bahasa and giggles wafting from the kitchen up the path to the beachfront communal living area, “Number 4”. And of course there is always the steady constant sound of waves lapping at the white sandy beach.

The scene as I walk through camp is equally diverse and steadily bustling. From morning till night divers are to be found gearing up and disappearing into the ocean to explore its sandy depths, or plant corals and artificial reefs. Number 4 is filled with a spread of books concerning coral and topical fish identification, notebooks, marine science textbooks, and the various works in progress of many personal and conservation projects, plus the conversations of people who are all passionately talking about the ocean they are participating in every day. On the dock, a family can be found with many children running to and fro, playing and always saying hello whenever someone passes. Boats leave and return to the shore sporadically. Something is always being improved, fixed, or expanded. And the people of camp walk to and fro with dry bags slung over shoulders as backpacks. The scene is one of constant mellow productivity, learning and expansion.

The opportunities TRACC presents to get involved are immense and refreshing, with each member of TRACC actively participating in making this world a cleaner, healthier place to live, work and be fully involved in.

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